2021 Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day

We had hoped that the Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day would resume normally in 2021; however, due to lingering and even spiking COVD19 infections in Oklahoma and also due to a slower than expected pace of vaccinations, the 2021 Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day will not be held in-person but will be held virtually via Zoom.

Many people are tired of day-long Zoom meetings/conferences. So, we are taking last year’s popular theme of “Goat and Lamb Cookery & More” and will be breaking it into smaller 2-to-4-hour segments spread over several weeks.

The segments are:

Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day I (May 1, 2021*)

Goat and Lamb Cookery Demonstration

Join us as Ms. Suzanne Stemme demonstrates how to prepare delicious goat and lamb meat dishes. Suzanne, who also answers to Nana when addressed by one of her eight grandchildren, resides in East Texas with Kraig, her veterinarian husband of 52 years. The couple has been raising registered Kiko goats for more than 10 years, and for the last six years, she has written a monthly cuisine column for Goat Rancher magazine. Before retiring and moving to the country in 2005, Suzanne worked in non-profit communications. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, earning a B.S. in Education with a minor in English. An enthusiastic and intrepid traveler, she has visited 30 countries and keeps her passport current and her suitcase ready to pack. Suzanne sings in the Northeast Texas Choral Society and is a voracious reader on her Kindle.

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Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day II (May 8, 2021*)

Mobile Processing Units for Small Ruminants

Join us as we tour mobile processing units for small ruminants. Many small ruminant producers would like to add value to their product and market meat instead of the live animal. However, finding a processor for sheep and goats can be challenging. Often, small ruminant producers invest a great amount of time in transporting their animals to a processing plant and then returning to take delivery of the meat products. Several universities have purchased mobile processing units that are delivered to the farmer's home and have personnel that provides varying degrees of assistance. However, each university requires that producers receive proper training prior to using the mobile processing unit. Learn how these universities serve small ruminant producers in their states.

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Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day III (May 14, 2021*)

Goat Nutrition and LINC (Langston Interactive Nutrient Calculators)

Do you have questions on the proper feeding of your goats? Join us as we discuss meeting the nutrient requirement needs of your goats. Feed costs are the number one cost of production. Reducing feed costs can improve your profitability; however, caution must be taken to ensure that the nutrients requirements of your goats are met. If not, they will underperform and will be more susceptible to disease and internal parasites. Advances in goat nutrient requirements have been made in recent years and they have been compiled into the Langston Interactive Nutrient Calculators (LINC).

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Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day IV (May 22, 2021*)

Internal Parasite Workshop & FAMACHA© Training

Having problems with internal parasites? Join us as we discuss the biology and control of worms with management, proper use of dewormers, FAMACHA© eye scoring system, and fecal egg counting. The FAMACHA© eye scoring system uses a card with five color patches illustrating the different levels of anemia. By using the FAMACHA© system, small ruminant producers can make selective deworming decisions and deworm only those sheep and goats having severer anemia due to infestation with the barber pole worm (Haemonchus contortus). Selective deworming saves costs by minimizing drug use and also slows the rate of anthelmintic resistance. The FAMACHA© system can also be used in selecting animals that are most susceptible to barber pole worm infection and culling those animals that are not.

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You can watch the workshop presentations on our YouTube channel:

Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day V (rescheduled to July 8, 2021*)

Cheesemaking Workshop

Curious about making cheese? Join Dr. Steve Zeng, Professor and Dairy Product Specialist in the American Institute for Goat Research at Langston University, as he leads us through the various steps in cheesemaking. He has instructed cheese workshops in AR, DE, KS, GA, KY, MO, NE, OK, TX, and VT in the U.S. as well as overseas in Argentina, Armenia, China, Jamaica, Kenya, and the Republic of Georgia. He has also judged cheeses for the World, the United States, the American Cheese Society, and the American Dairy Goat Association cheese championships/contests since 2007. He will share his rich background, personal experience, and masterful skills in small-scale cheese manufacture, particularly goat milk cheeses. He will demonstrate basic principles and practical skills of making hard and semi-soft cheeses using our own Grade “A” goat milk. Milk quality, cheesemaking facilities, cheese sensory evaluation, and federal safety requirements will also be discussed.

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Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day VI (June 5, 2021*)

Goats for Vegetation Management

Join us as we tour entrepreneurs who have established rent-a-goat commercial operations. Landowners have many options for controlling unwanted vegetation including fire, chemical, mechanical, and biological. The latter (biological) is gaining in popularity as concerns have grown about the safety of fire and chemicals and the cost of mechanical control. Goats are an efficient means (biological) of controlling unwanted vegetation. However, many landowners do not want to enter into the goat business; they only want to manage their land. Several entrepreneurs have established enterprises where goats can be rented to control unwanted vegetation. We will travel to on-site locations and learn how these entrepreneurs are operating in this new and exciting endeavor.

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*Dates may change slightly. Registered participants will be notified in advance of any date change.