Nutrient Requirement Calculators

The Professional and Producer Calculators have been updated. Clicking on the links below will open LINC in a new tab or window.

Professional Version Calculator

This Calculator is probably most suitable to individuals with some knowledge of ruminant nutrition and have reasonably accurate values for inputs, such as body weight, body weight change, milk yield and composition, clean mohair fiber growth, diet composition, etc. It is probably most appropriate for nutritionists, graduate students in ruminant nutrition, and extension personnel specializing in nutrition. This calculator reports energy requirements in MegaJoules, protein requirements in grams, and predicted dry matter intake in kilograms. This Calculator is based upon equations derived from research conducted at the Institute to develop expressions of nutrient requirements of goats published in a special issue of Small Ruminant Research (2004, Volume 53, Number 3) published by Elsevier Science. Several ancillary calculators are also available.

Producer Version Calculator

This Calculator is oriented toward extension agents and many goat producers in the United States. This Calculator uses English measures (i.e., pounds), and reports energy requirements in MegaCalories, protein requirements in pounds, and predicted dry matter intake in pounds. Perhaps more importantly, this calculator has default values and optional means of deriving inputs that may not be known. One example is use of heart girth and genotype to estimate body weight. This Calculator uses the same equations as found in the Technical Version Calculator.

Foreign Language Versions

Technical Version Calculator translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.