Comparison of nematode parasite-susceptibility and performance of Boer and Spanish goats supplemented with garlic

TitleComparison of nematode parasite-susceptibility and performance of Boer and Spanish goats supplemented with garlic
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsZhong, RZ, Wang, Z, Goetsch, AL, Hart, S, Sahlu, T
JournalJournal of Animal Science
Volume89(E-Supplement 2)

Twenty Boer (2-7 yr of age) and 20 Spanish (4-6 yr of age) does with their single- or twin-kids (1-4 mo of age) were used to compare nematode parasite-susceptibility and performance of the two breeds supplemented with garlic. Initially, all does and kids were treated with a combination of Cydectin (0.8 mg/kg BW), Levasole (11.2), and Valbazen (21.6) on 2 consecutive days to clear existing nematode parasites. The goats were kept in a barn for 7 d and fecal samples from the does were checked for fecal egg count (FEC). Then all does and kids were moved to a pasture known to be contaminated with mainly H. contortus. The goats grazed together for 3 wk before being assigned to 2 treatments for a 98-d experiment. Five does (3 Boer and 2 Spanish, or 2 Boer and 3 Spanish) with their kids grazed 8 0.4-ha pastures. Treatments were control and garlic, with 4 pastures per treatment. Control does received 200 g/d of concentrate (%: corn 54.4, SBM 26.0, molasses 12.9, dical 1.3, limestone 1.3, trace mineralized salt and vitamin mixes 3.4, MgSO4 0.7), garlic does received the same amount of concentrate plus 20 g/d of garlic powder. Kids were weaned on d 32 and removed from the experiment. On d 0, 32, 67, and 98, all goats were weighed and fecal and blood samples collected. Means were separated by LSD. Initial mean FEC was 533 (range of 0 to 8,650) and 440 (range of 0 to 2,050) for Boer and Spanish does, respectively (SEM = 257; P > 0.05). The FEC was not different (P > 0.05) between breeds or treatments on any day. Likewise, ADG, packed cell volume, FAMACHA score, and body condition score of does and ADG of kids were similar (P > 0.05) for Boer and Spanish regardless of treatment. In conclusion, nematode parasite-susceptibility appears similar in these two common meat goats and garlic supplementation has no effect on internal parasitism under these experimental conditions.