Current Extension Projects

Title: Enhancing Cityscapes and Landscapes: Partnerships between Langston University and Tribal and Municipal Governments

Type: USDA Renewable Resources Extension Act Program

Project Number: OKLURREA2016

Period: 2016-2021

Investigators: T.A. Gipson, S. Hart, R. Merkel, T. Sahlu

Institutions: Langston University


  • Establish partnerships between Langston University and tribal and municipal governments, and will establish demonstration sites using goats for biological control with Langston University providing technical assistance.

Title: Empowering Community-Based Organizations in Rural Oklahoma to Increase Knowledge Base, Enterprise Productivity, and Economic Sustainability

Type: 1890 Universities Foundation

Project Number: Langston

Period: 2018

Investigators: T.A. Gipson, R. Merkel, M. Anderson, C. Williams, D. Guy

Institutions: Langston University


  1. Reestablish and build new partnerships with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) serving limited resource, veteran and beginning farmers; establish baseline parameters for small ruminant and/or vegetable production systems;
  2. Provide technical assistance to support production and management of lucrative and sustainable small ruminant enterprises as well as for intensive vegetable production systems for CBOs serving limited resource producers;
  3. Provide a series of training workshops to inform CBOs of USDA Rural Development and other programs that will help to enhance enterprise profitability and sustainability.