Dr. Ryszard (Richard) Puchala

(405) 466-6135

Dr. Ryszard (Richard) Puchala was born in Kielce, Poland and raised on the family's dairy farm, which had been in the family for 12 generations. In Poland, the farms are smaller than in the United States and the Puchala's dairy farm consisted of 12 Black and White cows on 20 acres. The Puchala farm was the first farm in their village to purchase a tractor. Dr. Puchala attended an agricultural high school and then enrolled in the Warsaw Agricultural University. Dr. Puchala received his M.S. and Ph.D. from the Warsaw Agricultural University. After completing his master's degree, Dr. Puchala conducted research and taught animal physiology at the Warsaw Agricultural University. After completing his doctorate, Dr. Puchala was promoted to Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Physiology at the Warsaw Agricultural University. During his tenure at Warsaw Agricultural University, Dr. Puchala had the opportunity to enhance his research capabilities by sojourns at research institutions overseas. Dr. Puchala was awarded a Dekaban Fellowship in the Department of Animal Science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Dr. Puchala then traveled to Aberdeen, Scotland where he was a British Council Fellow at the Rowett Research Institute. Dr. Puchala was also a Visiting Scholar at Langston University. In 1995, Dr. Puchala left the Warsaw Agricultural University to accept a faculty position of Assistant Research Professor at Langston University.

Dr. Puchala is very excited about his current research with rumen-protected betaine. Dr. Puchala explained "In a study using growing Angora doelings, we fed a 9% crude protein diet supplemented with betaine and a 15% diet without supplementation and there was no difference in growth. This means that we can feed a lower quality diet without sacrificing production".

In his leisure time, Dr. Puchala enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, reading, traveling and playing tennis.