Dr. Steve Zeng

(405) 466-6145

Dr. Steve Zeng was born in China. He received his Bachelor's degree in Animal Science at Jiangxi Agricultural University in 1983. After completion of one year meat science program at Mississippi State University as a visiting scholar, he focused his attention on dairy science. He received his Master's degree in Dairy Manufacturing at Mississippi State in 1989 and his Doctorate of Philosophy in Food Technology at Clemson University, South Carolina in 1992.

Dr. Steve Zeng worked as a Dairy Extension Specialist/Food Technologist at Langston University from 1992 to 1999. He enjoyed working with small dairy producers and promoting the dairy goat industry around the world. His research and extension activities were primarily in milk quality, factors affecting quality and production, their effects on cheese quality, antibiotic residue test kits, Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) programs, and cheese training and judging.

From 1999 to 2001, Dr. Steve Zeng worked as a Food Scientist/R&D Manager for Galaxy Nutritional Foods in Orlando, Florida. He was in charge of new cheese product development, processed cheese formulation and trials from bench top, pilot scale to production and quality assurance. He re-joined the American Institute for Goat Research as an Associate Professor/Dairy Product Specialist in 2001. His current research includes sub-clinical mastitis, its relationships among milk quality, somatic cell counts, microbiological quality, processing parameters and cheese texture, and dairy food safety. His extension activities on dairy products have expanded from state, national to international trainings and workshops. He has applied his industrial experiences he earned in dairy product manufacturing, quality control, nutritional analyses and labeling, federal and state inspection and regulations to enhance Langston's existing dairy food program and promote the dairy goat industry as a viable economic segment around the world.

Dr. Steve Zeng is currently Chairperson in Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources, while continuing his research and extension responsibilities in dairy products.