Efficacy of a bovine colostrum replacement product for goat kids

TitleEfficacy of a bovine colostrum replacement product for goat kids
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHart, S, Genova, S, Haines, DM, Bah, B
Series TitleJournal of Animal Science
Type of Medium(E-Supplement 3)

When adequate doe colostrum is not available for neonatal goat kids an alternative source of colostrum is necessary to support the health of the neonate. The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy of a commercially available bovine colostrum replacement product (Land O'Lakes Colostrum Replacement manufactured by The Saskatoon Colostrum Co, Ltd., Saskatoon, Canada) in neonatal goat kids. Goat kids were removed from the doe at birth and a jugular blood sample taken for analysis of serum IgG. The colostrum replacement containing 100 g IgG/470 g of powder was reconstituted with water using 76 ml of warm water to 40 g of colostrum powder and mixed using a plastic jar with a spring similar to those used to mix protein drinks for athletes. Kids were fed reconstituted colostrum replacement at 10% of their bodyweight divided into 3 feedings over a 16-hour period. Six hours after the last feeding another blood sample was collected for determination of serum IgG. Kids were observed for 10 minutes after each feeding for any adverse reactions. After the 3 feedings of colostrum kids were fed a milk replacer, 470 ml/feeding, two feedings per day and offered a starter feed. Health and weight gains were compared to other kid cohorts (fed heat-treated goat colostrum) up to three weeks of age. Prefeeding levels of IgG were about .2 mg/dl and were significantly increased (P 0.10). In conclusion, the bovine colostrum substitute resulted in satisfactory blood levels of IgG and kids that were equally healthy to cohorts and gained similarly.