Goats for Vegetation Management

Steve Hart - Langston University

Unit Objective

After completion of this module of instruction the producer should be able to state reasons why producers should manage vegetation on the family farm and why goats are a good animal for vegetation management. The producer should know the advantages of co-grazing goats and cattle and be able to select the proper stocking rate for goats grazing with cattle. The producer should be able to score a minimum of 85% on the module test.

Specific Objectives

After completion of this instructional module the producer should be able to:

  1. Match terms with the correct definition.
  2. State the purpose of using goats for vegetation management.
  3. State reasons why producers should manage vegetation.
  4. Identify options producers have for vegetation management.
  5. Distinguish between mechanical and chemical vegetation control.
  6. State the compatibility of goats with cattle.
  7. Select the proper stocking rate of goats in combination with cattle.
  8. Identify management factors to consider when using goats for vegetation management.
  9. State ways for making fence modifications to control/contain goats on the property.
  10. State the meaning of 10-47-12 when related to wire fence.
  11. State the meaning of the statement “rent-a-goat.”
  12. Identify some constraints for operating a rent-a-goat program.
  13. Describe goat vegetation management in Oklahoma.
  14. Develop an individual farm vegetation management program

Module Contents

  • Introduction
  • Why Manage Vegetation?
  • Factors in the Establishment of Unwanted Vegetation
  • Vegetation Management Options
  • Goats in Vegetation Management
    • Beneficial characteristics
    • Dietary preferences
    • Vegetation control
  • Potential Production Systems
  • Goats for Custom Brush Control
  • Establishing a Brush Control Business
  • Considerations in Using Goats for Brush Control
    • Fencing
    • Predators
    • Parasites
    • Facilities
  • Observations in Oklahoma Using Goats for Vegetation Management
    • Browse species
    • Herbaceous species
    • Tools Needed
  • Glossary
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