Livestock Guarding Dogs

Dan and Paula Lane - Bountiful Farm - Shady Point, Oklahoma

Unit Objective

After completion of this module of instruction, the producer should be able distinguish between a guardian dog and a guard dog and state factors a producer should consider when selecting a guardian breed. The producer should be able to state procedures for introducing a new guardian pup to the goat farm and into the goat herd. The producer should be able to score a minimum of 85% on the module test

Specific Objectives

After completion of this instructional module the producer should be able to:

  1. Identify the number one predator killer of livestock in the United States.
  2. State some known predators that could be a problem for your goat herd.
  3. State the three preferred animals that are used for predator control with goats.
  4. Distinguish between the word guardian and guard.
  5. Identify the most common breeds of guardian dogs used for protecting goats.
  6. State some factors a producer should consider when selecting a guardian breed.
  7. Identify questions that a producer should ask prior to purchasing a guardian dog.
  8. State how a producer should introduce a new puppy to the goat herd.
  9. State some physical preparations needed prior to bringing a guardian puppy home.
  10. Select the appropriate dog food considering protein and fat that the guardian dog should be fed.
  11. State considerations for introducing a guardian dog to the goat farm.
  12. Identify acceptable characteristics of the guardian dog.
  13. Identify factors to consider when grooming and providing health care for the guardian dog.
  14. State considerations for feeding the guardian dog.

Module Contents

  • Making the Decision
  • Narrow Your Choices
  • Buying Your LDG
  • Preparing for Your LGD
  • Introducing Your New LGD
    • The area
    • The animals
    • Other dogs
    • Goats familiar with guardians
    • Goats unfamiliar with guardians
    • Goats unfamiliar with your species of stock
    • Chickens and other fowl
    • Planning for future stock but none are present
  • General Characteristics of LDGs
  • Multi-Use LGDs
  • LGD Grooming and Health Care
  • Dog Food Delivery Systems
  • Closing Thoughts
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