Other disease preventive measures

Dam - 1 month prior to kidding

CDT vaccine to help increase antibodies against enterotoxemia and tetanus in the colostrum. In areas deficient in Se and where supplementation is inadequate, BoSe® to raise selenium levels and prevent white muscle disease in kids and retained afterbirth in dam. Providing a proper mineral nutrition program to ensure adequate consumption of all minerals is preferable. Get local veterinary advice on selenium injections as the need and dosage level depend upon how much selenium is in the soil in the region, as well as on the dietary supplementation.

Kid - birth to first week

BoSe® + vitamins A&D - use depends on soil in the region and the diet of the dam.

Kid - 3 weeks - begin coccidiosis prevention

  • 4-8 weeks - Begin CDT series.
  • 4-8 weeks - BoSe® - repeat if in selenium deficient area.
  • 6-8 weeks - monitoring for parasites and deworm as needed, especially if kid has access to outdoors.

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