Past Extension Projects

Title: Enhancing Capabilities of Socially Disadvantaged and Underserved Farmers via Low Literacy Materials in English and Spanish

Type: USDA 1890 Institution Capacity Building Grants Program

Project Number: OKLX-GIPSON10

Period: 2010-2015

Investigators: T.A. Gipson1, R.C. Merkel1, M. Simon2, J. Fernandez Van Cleve3

Institutions: 1Langston University; 2Kentucky State University; 3University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez


  • utilize existing core chapters from the Meat Goat Production Handbook to develop a low-literacy training manual for meat goat production.
  • translate the low-literacy meat goat production training manuals into Spanish.
  • develop supplemental explanatory and “how to” demonstration materials to the English and Spanish manuals in video format (DVD and web-based) for use by extension agents, outreach specialists and individual farmers.


Title: Extension Education Delivery Tools for Dairy Goat Producers: A Web-Based Certification Program and E-Book

Type: USDA 1890 Institution Capacity Building Grants Program

Project Number: OKLXMERKEL11

Period: 2011-2016

Investigators: R.C. Merkel1, T.A. Gipson1, S. Hart1, Y. Park2, C.M. Mikolayunas3

Institutions: 1Langston University; 2Fort Valley State University; 3University of Wisconsin


  • develop scientific-based content for a dairy goat web-based certification program and e-book.
  • design and construct a web-based certification program based upon the developed content.
  • develop a printed handbook based on the web-based program 4. Develop an e-book version of the handbook.


Title: Rehabilitation of Urban And Suburban Landscapes: An Eco-Friendly Partnership Between Langston University and Tribal and Municipal Governments

Type: USDA Renewable Resources Extension Act Program


Period: 2014-2017

Investigators: T.A. Gipson1, S. Hart1

Institutions: 1Langston University


  • establish partnerships between Langston University and tribal and municipal governments, and will establish demonstration sites using goats for biological control with Langston University providing technical assistance.

Annual Reports: