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Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day and Conference

Our annual Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day and Conference will be held in-person on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at the Langston University Allied Health Center and the South Barn Facilities (see link to map below, ample parking is available) with registration beginning at 8:30 a.m. in the E.L. Holloway Building (Agriculture). This year's theme will be Back to Basics - Innovative and Sustainable Management.

Due to ongoing COVID concerns, the format of this year has changed from previous years. Participants will be assigned a group and the groups will rotate through the following stations:

  • Basics of marketing and processing with Mr. Mike Perschbacher and Ms. Jaime Priddy
    • Marketing can be a complicated puzzle for small ruminant producers. Learn about marketing channels from a livestock buyer’s and a processor’s point of view.
  • Facilities with Dr. Steve Hart
    • Facilities for cattle often do not work well for small ruminants. Learn about necessary fencing, livestock handling, feeding, and housing requirements for sheep and goats.
  • Basic Herd Health with Dr. Lionel Dawson
    • The old adage of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is especially true for small ruminants. Learn about vaccinations, basic herd health procedures, and simple disease diagnostics.
  • Nutrition with LINC with Dr. Ryszard Puchala
    • Feed costs are the number one cost of production in a small ruminant operation. Learn about nutrient requirements and ration balancing for goats.
  • Hoof trimming, FAMACHA, body condition scoring with Ms. Andrea Warner
    • Basic herd management can be often neglected in a busy schedule. Learn about management tips that will ease the burden of those routine chores and yield a more productive herd.
  • Goat Identification with Dr. Roger Merkel
    • Records are key to good animal management. Learn about the different techniques to identify sheep and goats and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Enterprise Analysis with Mr. James Arati
    • Good finances are the bedrock of any agricultural enterprise. Learn about recordkeeping, business plan, enterprise analysis, and cash flow to provide a stable economic footing to a small ruminant enterprise.
  • Cooking Tips with Dr. Tiffany Williams
    • Knowing the nutritional benefits is important but sometimes just knowing how to make sometime delicious is just as important. Learn about tricks and tips for creating savory goat and lamb dishes.

We ask that participants remain with the group to which they have been assigned and rotate with that group throughout the day.

Registration for the Goat and Hair Sheep Field Day is FREE but there is a $10.00 per person charge for the lunch (adult) of goat stew. You can bring your own lunch, if you desire. Regardless of lunch preferences, we ask everyone to pre-register.

Please make checks payable to "Langston University/Research Sales".

Goat Field Day Program for Youth (K - 12): The Goat Field Day for Youth allows youth to explore and enjoy "old-fashioned activities" while their parent(s) participate in the Goat Field Day Program. With all of today's technological gizmos, most miss exposure to the old-fashioned games and activities that shaped their parents' and grandparents' imaginations and innate creativity. The Goat Field Day for Youth aims to challenge and enhance cognitive and social skills. Developing intellectual and socialization practices are prerequisites for helping children learn complex concepts improving their capabilities. Lunch will be provided free of charge for the youth.

Map of LU campus

For information regarding the 2022 Goat Field Day, please contact Dr. Terry Gipson at 405-466-6126 or terry.gipson@langston.edu.